Our Ministries


New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC has several ministries to cater to various segments of the community. We have an active church that engages all members of the community through various ministries. The various ministries reach out to all segments of the community including children, women, adults and the destitute. Through these ministries, the congregation makes wise decisions for the overall growth and development of the church community.

Adult Usher Board

The purpose of the Adult Usher Board is to direct worshipers to a seat, provide bulletins, envelopes and other literature and assist with other needs worshippers may have. The Adult Usher Board shall also engage in an outreach project for a member of the church or the community.

Contact: Sis. Sandra Hamlett

Archives Ministry

The purpose of the Archives Ministry is to assemble, organize, and manage designated record and archives for the preservation of church history. This ministry stores paper/digital reports, photographs, programs, etc. for public access of church members and the community.

Contact: Sis. Mable Williams

Associate Ministers

The purpose of Associate Ministers is to offer opportunities to assist our Pastor with the spreading of the Gospel through preaching, teaching, visiting of the sick, and all other duties assigned by the pastor.

Contact: Reverend Farlicher Earle-Kornegay

Children's Church

The purpose of Children’s Church is to engage youth in Christian activities so they will become Educated and Empowered to Evolve as strong spiritual leaders in their church, homes, schools and communities.

Contact: Sis. Takisha Hayes and Sis. Elane Dean

Church Council

The Church Council is composed of ministry leaders who help to plan, coordinate and evaluate the Church’s work, thereby assisting the congregation in making wise decisions for growth and development.

Contact: Rev. Deborah Holland & Sis. Wanda Ford

Christian Education

The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to promote continuous training for believers seeking to understand, practice, and promulgate God’s Word.  Another purpose of this ministry is to help others translate the Christian heritage of faith and morals in relevant terms to the church membership and community.


Christian Organization for Religious Enrichment (CORE)

The purpose of the Christian Organization for Religious Enrichment (CORE) is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through promoting church and community activities. CORE networks with all ministries by assisting with publicity for various events, hosting a ministry fair, and hosting an annual function for the church at Christmas.

Contact:  Sis. Evelyn Graves

Culinary Arts Ministry

The purpose of the Culinary Arts Ministry to advance the Kingdom of God by preparing and serving nutritious meals to families of New Zion Members during repasts and other special events. The Culinary Arts Ministry also serves as support to other ministries of the church during church and pastoral anniversaries and whenever deemed necessary by the Pastor.

Contact: Sis.Edith B. Hines

Dance Ministry

The mission of the Dance Ministry is to spread the Gospel by evangelizing, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and worship through dance as the Lord uses us.  We are to minister in dance in such a way to bring others into the presence of God.

Contact: Minister Marilyn King-Lewis

Deacon Ministry

As supported in the New Testament (Acts 6:1-7 and I Timothy 3:8-13), the purpose of the Deacon Ministry is to serve the Lord through benevolence work, visiting, the sick, aiding the Pastor in baptismal services and the Lord’s Supper, and being cognizant of and responsive to the spiritual needs of the congregation as a means of assisting the Pastor as he focuses on prayer and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and leading the church in kingdom-building.

Contact:  Deacon Erthel Hines

Deaconess Ministry

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to the building up of the body of Christ by attending to the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation.

Contact:  Sis. Linda Jones

Floral Ministry

The purpose of the Floral Ministry is to beautify God's house with floral arrangements.  Decorations, corsages, floral arrangements, and other accessories are provided for Christmas, anniversaries and various occasions throughout the year.

Contact: Sis. Larue Moore

Health and Wellness Outreach Ministry

The purpose of the Health and Wellness Outreach Ministry is to provide assistance, care, and comfort to those in need in the church, home, and the community.

Contact:  Min. Treena Jackson and Sis. ShaLindaa Bennett

McMasters Endowed Scholarship Fund (Special Organization)

The purpose of the McMaster Endowed Scholarship Fund is to afford deserving student members of New Zion (who have completed one year of higher education at a college/university or community college) monetary incentive to continue their post-secondary education at the undergraduate level.

Contact:  Bro. J. Howard McMasters

Men's Fellowship Ministry

Supported by the Deacon Ministry, the Men’s Fellowship Ministry serves to equip and encourage men in carrying out their responsibilities to God, Church, and Family in accordance to God’s Will as revealed through His word and spirit.

Contact: Rev. James McMillan

Ministers In Training (MIT)

The purpose of the Ministers-In-Training Program is to prepare new ministers in the Gospel for servanthood in the church.

Contact:  Rev. Farlicher Earle-Kornegay

Music Ministry

The purpose of the Music Ministry shall be to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song, setting the atmosphere for worship and the WORD. The music ministry includes the Jubilee Choir, W.D. Johnson Choir, W.F. Wright Male Chorus, and the Youth and Young Adults Choir.

Contact: Sis. Pamela Stewart, Director of Music and Cultural Arts

Outreach Ministry (Food Bank)

The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to spread the love of Jesus Christ by aiding need persons and families in the church and surrounding community with food.

Contact: Minister Faye Dunn

Pastor's Aid Ministry

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry assists the Pastor in carrying out his pastoral duties through spiritual, financial, and emotional support.

Contact:  Sis. Frances Ferguson

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry is dedicated to carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ into facilities designed for incarceration through regular visits, which consist of praise and worship, prayer, Bible study and call for salvation to those housed in jails and prisons. A guiding Scripture for the Prison Ministry is found in Matthew 25: 37-40.

Contact: Sis. Barbara Jones

Technology Ministry

The Technology Ministry assists in carrying out the mission of the church by providing dependable technological enhancements to spread and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the church membership and the community at large.

Contact: Bro. Steve Hayes

Teen Ministry

The purpose of the Teen Ministry is help teens develop a spiritual and personal relationship with God. Activities are designed that will enhance their Christian growth and development.

Contact:  Sis. Linda Jones and Sis. Linda Dunston-Stacey

Tiger Memorial Fund (TMF) Special Organization

The purpose of the Tiger Memorial Fund (TMF) is to honor the memory of the late Bro. Navis Glenn Stewart, Jr. through the provision of annual education/social/cultural and/or spiritual trips for both New Zion and community youth.

Contact: Sis. Novella Stewart

Trustee Ministry

The purpose of the Trustee Ministry is to be Christian stewards of the finances of the Church by using sound financial management principles and being administrators of the church’s finances, property, church assets and investments.

Contact:  Sis. Bonita Porter

W.D. Johnson Scholarship Fund (Special Organization)

The purpose of the W. D. Johnson Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to New Zion’s high school seniors who are active members and wish to pursue their education in a four-year or 2-year community college of their choice.

Contact: Sis. Audrey Young

W.D. Johnson Usher Board (Youth)

The purpose of the W. D. Johnson Usher Board is to serve as ushers during regular and special worship services. This ministry also promotes leadership and outreach to the community as well as engages youth in activities to be witnesses for Christ and to form lasting bonds of friendship.

Contact:  Sis. Sharon Banks and Sis. Cynthia Williams

Warriors on the Wall Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Warriors on the Wall Intercessory Prayer Ministry is dedicated to praying in the SPIRIT all day and all night to Go on behalf of all mankind for all occasions. We will also dedicate time to fasting and praying as the SPIRIT leads us.

Contact Person:  Rev. Brenda Reeves

Women's Fellowship Ministry

The purpose of the Women’s Fellowship Ministry is to offer opportunities to women for spiritual growth, and personal development. This ministry is also designed to enhance fellowship among females of all age groups.

Contact: Rev. Brenda Reeves

Young Adult Ministry

Our mission is to empower young adults and their leaders to reach their full potential and to participate in the total mission of the church, which is to build the Kingdom of God.

Contact: Bro. Rashaud Rehm

Reach Us

Our church endeavors to help children and adults to participate in the total mission of the church, which is to build the Kingdom of God. Contact us to learn about our services.